DLS "Dikchan"

State hunting enterprise “Dikchan” is situated on the slopes of Dabrash massif in Southwest Rhodopes, dividing the Mesta River valley and Dospat Dam Lake.  The Administration is based in Satovcha village, which is about 240 km from the capital Sofia. The relief is mountainous to hilly-mountainous and the altitude varies from 450 to 1 750 m.

The territory of “Dikchan” belongs to the Continental-Mediterranean climatic region. The main coniferous tree species are Austrian and Scots pine, spruce and fir. Birch and oak form the most common deciduous stands.

The southern geographical position of the region, the mild Mediterranean climate and the proximity to Dospat Dam Lake are ideal preconditions for optimum development of the main game species:  red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, roe deer and capercaillie – all with excellent trophy characteristics. Two bases for intensive breeding of wild boar and mouflon have been established.

Red deer trophies have been awarded gold, silver and bronze medals and one gold medal for a wolf trophy. Trophies of wildcat and mouflon have been awarded bronze medals, and wild boar trophy has won gold and silver medals. One of the best trophies obtained during the last season is a mouflon – 62.25 cm, evaluated to 172.6 CIC points.

State hunting enterprise “Dikchan” provides a hunting lodge with 12 beds, located in a picturesque site.  

Trips are arranged to “Dolen” and “Kovachevitsa” architectural reserves, to the thermal springs of Ognyanovo village, as well as to the picturesque “Trigradsko jdrelo” gorge and “Yagodinska” and “Dyavolskoto garlo” caves.


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