DLS "Kormisosh"

It occupies part of Prespanski region of West Rhodopy Mountain with a total territory of 41 930 ha. The hunting enteprise is just 50 km from Krumovo Airport, in the suburbs of Plovdiv and 210 km from Sofia Airport. There is a helicopter platform near the hunting residence “Karamush”.

The landscape is typically alpine, very rugged with great differences in the altitude. The highest point is Prespa Peak (2 001 m) and the lowest point (380 m) is where Chepelarska River runs into Slivov dol River. Typical game species are: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon, wild goat, capercaillie and bear. The hunting enterprise offers good facilities for predators hunting – wolf, wildcat, fox and beech marten. “Kormisosh” is the place where the world record of wild boar trophy - 158.20 СІС points has been obtained! In addition to the wild boar world record, the collection of hunting trophies also includes: red deer – 3 silver and 3 bronze medals; wild boar – 7 gold, a silver and 5 bronze medals; wild goat – a silver and a bronze medal and bear – a gold and a silver medal.

“Kormisosh” has 3 hunting lodges with the category of hunting residences, and offers 15 rooms in total. There are 12 other hunting lodges and shelters dispersed over the whole territory of the hunting enterprise, which are used as starting points for hunting and safeguarding.  

The state hunting enterprise also offers fishing, horseback riding and ecotourism, photo hunting, excursions to historical sites, natural landmarks and reserves.


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